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SugarSync Windows 8 App

While Windows 8 is being distributed slowly but steady throughout the world software companies are usually quite late to follow with updated and dedicated apps. But in the world off online backup there are a few early movers in this field. SugarSync allready has a dedicated Windows 8 app available in the windows app store (link).

In their own blog SugarSync discusses more extensively the new features this Windows 8 App brings to SugarSync. The new app is well designed and has many of the features you have in a desktop version of SugarSync. Unfortunately there is no possibillity to sync files in Windows 8 Style UI apps. According to Sugarsync this is due to how Windows 8 was designed. While this is still limited to desktop users the Windows 8 app allows you to download, upload, edit and of course pin to start screen.

Please let us know how you are experiencing this transition from using Sugarsync on Windows 7 to now on Windows 8!



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